• Name Validation Service

    Made easy for you. Faster and cheaper.

    Domain Names

    Make sure you pick the perfect domain name for you new online business. ​​

    New Products

    Got an idea for a new product ? You should check if you got the right name!

    Business Names

    You are starting a new business, do not gamble with your brand name. Let's test your candidates.

  • How It Works

    You have got the perfect product or business idea and now you have to name it, right ?

    You did your research and narrowed down to a few candidates. How do you know which one to pick ?

    If you are serious about your new endeavor, we can help you with that.

    Send Us Some Info

    You send us up to three name candidates, along with audio clips of how people are supposed to pronounce them. We will use this information to create highly customized experiments, tailored for your specific target (domain, product or business names)

    The Target Group

    We send the experiment to high quality respondents working with us all over the world. You receive unbiased and quality results. You are able to select the target group based on demographics and other criteria.

    We Analyze the Results

    Using advanced language processing and statistical techniques, we create an interactive dashboard, so you can effectively evaluate the results and pick the best name.

  • What We Check

    We design experiments to check important aspects of your name


    Also known as the radio test, we play audio clips to check if people get your name right. If they can’t spell your name, it's not a good sign.


    If people can’t remember the name of your business or website, they can’t tell their friends about it.

    Emotional Associations

    What images, services or companies do your name seems to associate with ?

  • Pick the Perfect Name

    Scientifically. Faster and Cheaper.

  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I get a sample of the results ?

    Yes -- Contact Us and we will be happy to grant you access to a sample report.

    How can I be sure respondents won't steal my names ?

    Our respondents are asked to sign an NDA before participating in the experiments. The NDA mandates respondents to treat all information confidentially - breaches can lead to legal action.

    How long does it take to deliver the results ?

    It can take up to 24h or 48h, depending on the package you selected. See above the packages available.

    Why I can submit up to three names only ?

    We will help you to pick the best name out of a shortlist you currently have. We know it's hard to shortlist only three ideas, but we just want to make sure you have done you research first.

    How do I submit the audio clips ?

    After you place the order, we will send detailed instructions about how to upload the files.

    Do you pay respondents ?

    Yes - our respondents are rewarded with cash in exchange for providing unbiased answers.

    Will respondents be honest about the answers ?

    Our respondents are not related to you or your project, therefore they will evaluate your names completely unbiased. To receive statistically significant results, we recommend at least the PRO package with 100 respondents.

    How do you handle my personal data ?

    Your data is securely hosted on servers located in USA. We will not share your data with anyone unless you explicitly request this. For more details, please see our Privacy Policy.

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